IoE – Smart City

Cutting costs for Utility by introducing IoT platforms to control and monitor of electricity consumptions either in domestic or commercial environments such as deployment of smart meters or smart lights for street lighting. Life saving in car insurance providers and cost cutting for customers by fair and individual risk assessment to set policies and also stay at the edge of technology to verify claims or call emergency in case of fatal accidents are amongst values that we can supply through our partnership chain. We provide cutting edge technologies and consultancy to facilitate digital services in the Smart City projects. We can involve in policy making as well as defining values and scopes in the Smart City to manage city’s assets.
Our Business Management team will cater for your monetisation strategy to ensure improved customer experience through value propositions, quality and security.
Our Business Development team will be engaged directly with your business and technical team to help contract management, identifying the right partners and handling partnership challenges in cost, security, integration, and performance management.
We will help you to understand the impact of emerging technologies on your business, IT landscape and architecture.
Our Professional Services will adopt Agile approach for quick deliveries and maintaining roadmaps and product features based on the roadmaps.
Our Professional Services will be focused on TMF best practices for defining processes (eTOM) and making sure that integrations with various vendors will be swiftly handled so that time-to-market can be met. We can also step in RFP management to define criteria and scopes of the processes involved in procurement.

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