Digital Transformations – BSS/OSS

Harmonisation of Telecom BSS/OSS stacks and orchestration of processes to monetise through various sales channels and offering products and services to customers according to business rules. We are engaged with various business owners and technical teams to understand limitations and business objectives to define solutions, optimise processes and diversify services for monetisation. Our Business Management team can help you manage, optimise and monetise by advocating TMF best practices in defining business processes in SIP, OFAB and enterprise management to ensure consistent customer experience through the product and service lifecycle.
Our Professional Services will step in to design end to end architecture to integrate BSS and OSS stacks to diversify sales channels and automate quotation, order management and fulfilment processes ensuring all the subsystems in the service delivery chain are orchestrated, updated and maintained to support smart and intelligent service provisioning and assurance. Integration with product Catalog, Big Data and leveraging business intelligence systems to shape marketing campaigns and recommendation systems are amongst services that our Business Development and Professional Services teams can deliver through our partnership chain.
Our Professional Services helped business and marketing teams manage products and services in multiple sites and eShops by an effective and reliable solution to manage products and services in agile and and publish them through various sales channels in no time. Our Professional Services can engage with technical and business teams in designing systems, training, and defining products, business rules, customer types as well wel managing the orders, fulfilment and provisioning processes based on TMF best practices.

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