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Futem Ltd is a privately owned UK-based company founded in 2014 by Dr Shirazi to provide consultancy in strategy and architecture for digital transformation solutions and provisioning of convergence services across industries.
It was initially formed as a niche consultancy firm to help telecom operators diversify digital products and telecom services and optimise business processes to improve agility, time to market, customer experience and innovation.
With the advent of IPTV and OTT businesses, Germany, the UK and other major European countries started rolling out new propositions and Futem have been recognised as a trusted advisor to transform technology landscape to more innovative and scalable platforms that could add more values and hence improving customer experiences.




Our Business Development and Management teams will be taking TMF compliant approaches in digital transformations catering for best practices to define business and technology strategies in line with operation processes to manage RFPs, scope the projects and negotiate with vendors effectively for quick and reliable integration and meet tight time to market business targets.

With access to sustainable highly calibrated resources, our Professional Services will be engaged closely with parties to work in a team in project management, design and delivery of work streams.
We will work closely with you to form and structure teams to support your backend and frontend development and business process capabilities.
Our professionals have relevant industry background in telecom, healthcare and finance, and support diverse range of programming skills and cutting edge technologies.

We have earned in-depth understanding of the business, processes, technology and market trends in telecommunications, and healthcare over 20 years.

We are trusted advisor with domain expertise ready to engaged with our clients in the full lifecycle form vision and strategy to successful delivery and orchestrating business and technology arms for incremental approach for improvement.

Our Partners

Our professional angle in partnership onboarding process will ensure that solutions and services are best of breed with reliable roadmap and business success.

We have also created robust partnerships across industry from telecom business support service providers, IoT solution providers for healthcare and smart solutions, video platform and solution providers, and established large partnership with off-shore development centres.

  • Video Platform Providers
  • IPTV/OTT Operators
  • MVNO Solution Providers
  • Solution Integerators
  • IoT Solution Providers
  • BSS Solution Providers
  • Development Centres

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